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Queen: 25 great songs not featured on the Platinum Collection

The Queen biopic movie Bohemian Rhapsody has hit retailer shelves and I thought of no way better than to honour the band than with celebrating Queen’s back catalogue with tracks that don’t appear on their three Greatest Hits otherwise known as the Platinum Collection. The band, whose career spanned for over 20 years are well-known as masters of writing hit […]

Matthew Lillard replaced as voice of Shaggy in new Scooby-Doo movie and wasn’t told

There aren’t many occasions where live-action performances by actors take them into the world of voice acting that same character for animation roles, but that did happen for Matthew Lillard (Scream, Twin Peaks) whose role in the 2002 and 2004 Scooby-Doo movies gave him the chance to voice Norville “Shaggy” Rogers from then on. Lillard has practically voiced […]

‘Little Friends: Dogs & Cats’ coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019 and it’s one for all the Nintendogs fans!

I’m sure many of us will have been in the same situation around 2005/2006 shouting at our Nintendo DS trying to get a virtual dog to sit down or do a trick. Nintendogs and it’s follow up Nintendogs + Cats were popular videogames on the DS and 3DS and finally we have a spiritual successor in our midsts. That […]