2001 In Music: Ten Albums At 20

Ah 2001, and this time not a space odyssey. It was a glorious year for music and a dark year in terms of society and politics. The 21st century was in for a messy time and continues to be punishing since then, but at least we can look back on these fantastic rock, indie, dance … Continue reading 2001 In Music: Ten Albums At 20

2011 In Music: Ten Albums At 10

Ah 2011, what a fond time in my life. Music was a huge deal for me and I myself were playing live music for the first time. It's certainly a year I look back on with rose tinted glasses and memories of a lot of albums I don't listen to anymore. The year for me … Continue reading 2011 In Music: Ten Albums At 10

Top 50 Albums Of 2020

Here we are once again at the end of the year and reflecting back on another fantastic year of releases. Though 2020 in general has been more downs than ups, it's certainly been one of my favourite years for exploring music (thanks to lockdown) and I'm glad to say there are many genres represented in … Continue reading Top 50 Albums Of 2020