Who am I?

Hello readers, viewers, listeners I am Travis Ward, a recent university graduate who has set up their own blog. I have finished my three year BA Journalism Studies degree with a 2:1 honours and decided that the internet is the place to be with journalism.

On this blog I will be writing about the stuff that interests me, has shaped me and also news, features and opinion pieces about anything that I want really.

The main focus of this blog is writing about video games, anime, manga, movies, music, sci:fi, fantasy and other pop culture that interests me…hence ‘Ward Culture’.

There will be a variety of story types and I will try and keep people updated with upcoming and breaking news in the areas I discuss. The aim is to try and get content out every day and also to get multimedia on every blog post.

I have also written on two other WordPress blogs. A website called ‘Gamestime’ and an online magazine called ‘GAMMA’. On those websites is my earlier work and I want to continue such writing on my own personal blog.

I hope you enjoy the content!
Happy reading!