10 More Christmas Cartoon Episodes To Get You Into The Festive Mood

Ah Christmas, is there any better time of year? The food, the lights and the presents, what’s not to love? Well I’m writing this in November, but with how 2020 has been I think we could all do with a bit of early Christmas cheer. Last year I wrote a piece on ten Christmas specials that I thought were worth watching which featured some of my favourite episodes. However, there’s plenty more iconic cartoon episodes out there to enjoy so I thought I’d let you know about ten more!

Futurama – Xmas story

It’s Fry’s first Christmas in the future which has been re-dubbed ‘X-MAS’ and many things are different such as pine trees being extinct and replaced with palm trees, and a murderous-robotic Santa Claus who judges everyone to be naughty. Fry wants to buy Leela a gift so her lonely self will be happy on Christmas and Bender pretends to be of the less fortunate to get free booze. Fry and Leela get caught in Santa’s path and lead him back to Planet Express where they have to put a stop to his vengeful ways. It’s basically the plot to Santa Clause 3 (but good and with a memorable closing song).

King Of The Hill – Pretty, Pretty Dresses

Bill feels lonely at Christmas as it has been eight years since his ex wife, Lenore left. Hank sees how lonely Bill is and takes him in to their house to give him a sense of family. However, Bill’s habits drive the family nuts and he is sent back home. He spirals out of control and wants to end his life which results in the other guys keeping watch on him. Eventually Bill cracks and turns himself into Lenore and it’s up to Hank to bring Bill back to reality. Don’t worry it get more festive at the end, but it’s all very King of the Hill throughout!

Bob’s Burgers – Christmas In A Car

Linda’s out of season Christmas tree purchase leaves the Belchers treeless come Christmas Eve and Linda insists they must still have one for Christmas. The family drive an hour to a tree lot with a couple of skinny trees for them to choose from. Upon leaving the lot, Bob angers a man driving a giant candy cane truck who chases them off of the road. The family aim to make their slow way home for Bob’s Christmas ham and the kids’ plan to capture Santa who might not be who they expect.

The family always seem to be faced with a series of events and this episode is no different. It’s a great Bob’s Burgers episode full of the show’s classic one-liners and toilet humour.

Dexter’s Laboratory – Dexter vs Santa’s Claws

It’s Christmas Eve and both Dexter and Dee Dee have different theories about Santa Claus. Dee Dee believes in the traditional idea, whilst Dexter believes it is his dad dressed up as Santa, with the car as the sled and his mother dressing up as a reindeer. Dexter decides to use his high-tech gadgets and put his theory into work with a plan to capture Santa and finally reveal his true identity.

Rugrats – The Santa Experience

In this two-part Rugrats episode, Angelica visits a mall Santa and realises he’s not the real deal. The toy shop gives her a bunch of gifts, but unsatisfied she decides to trade them with Phil and Lil separately and take their better toys. She learns that bad behaved children get lumps of coal in their stocking and not toys and so tries to rectify her mistakes in the second part where the whole Rugrats gang stay in a log cabin for Christmas. Separately to this, Tommy and the others try to catch the real Santa.

SpongeBob SquarePants – Christmas Who?

SpongeBob learns about Christmas from Sandy and decides he wants to spread Christmas cheer around Bikini Bottom and tell everyone about Santa Claus. He gets everyone except Squidward to write a letter to Santa asking for presents. Come Christmas Eve, everyone is excitedly staying up and waiting, but alas there is no Santa and Squidward proceeds to rub it in SpongeBob’s face. Feeling guilty, Squidward realises he must keep the idea of Santa alive for SpongeBob. There’s a great musical number in this episode as well.

Doug – Doug’s Christmas Story

In this story from Doug’s journal, it’s Christmas time and the kids are out skating on the ice and Porkchop bites Beebe on the leg to stop her falling into the water. Sadly, he is accused of attacking her and arrested. Doug aims to prove his dog is innocent and tries desperately to get the townsfolk on his side which proves difficult. Doug decides they should go out onto the ice and see what Porkchop was really trying to do and save their Christmas. Quite dark for a children’s show this one.

Rick & Morty – Anatomy Park

Jerry’s parents are visiting for Christmas and this year he wants a technology free Christmas which the family resents. Rick is taking care of his Santa-dressed homeless ‘friend’ Rufus, who actually has a theme park built inside his body. Morty is shrunk and sent inside Rufus to find out why the park isn’t working. It turns out Rufus is filled with every disease known to man and someone has let them loose around his body. This leaves Morty and the inhabitants inside Rufus desperately trying to escape, whilst on the other hand Jerry is coming to terms with his parents’ new lifestyle. It has everything you want from a Christmas episode right?

Pinky & The Brain – A Pinky & The Brain Christmas

Brain aims to infiltrate Santa’s workshop and plant a doll in everyone’s home to which he can use his mind control machine on them. All Pinky wants to do this Christmas is give his letter to Santa, but Brain is too busy with his world domination plans to think about that. Upon their return home, Brain reads Pinky’s letter and realises what really matters at Christmas. A great episode which shows a change of heart from Brain.

The Powerpuff Girls: ‘Twas The Fight Before Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve and the Powerpuff Girls’ school rival, Princess Morbucks wants to make sure she isn’t on the naughty list. Whilst everyone else is getting ready for Santa’s arrival, Princess sneaks off to the North Pole in her private plane to Santa’s workshop. She finds out she is the only child to be on the naughty list and has an evil idea to switch the lists around. Bubbles wakes up in the night and sneaks downstairs to see if there’s any presents, only to find coal in her stocking and every other child’s.

Waking Blossom and Buttercup, she tells them of the situation and find Princess who has become a Powerpuff Girl herself. From then on it’s a mad action-packed race to the North Pole and to find out what has happened with the girls and Princess facing off against each other. It’s definitely one of the most action-focused Christmas specials you’ll ever see.

So there we have it. If there’s any Christmas cartoon specials you love, please let me know down in the comments!

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