25 Emotional Moments From The Simpsons

5. The Maggie Plaque // And Maggie Makes Three (S6E13)


I think a lot of us can agree this is a beautiful moment in the show in an episode where we are told of Maggie’s birth. We see the Simpson family with their two children and are finally debt free. Homer quits his job at the power plant in spectacular fashion to work his dream job at the bowling alley. Unfortunately, he learns of Marge’s pregnancy and quits to reluctantly ask for his job back at the plant.

His depression is cured when he first sees Maggie and instantly falls in love with her. Upon Homer’s return, Burns erects a plaque saying “Don’t forget: you’re here forever.” When questioned where the baby pictures of Maggie are, Homer says he keeps them where he needs them the most and has changed the plaque with her pictures to say “Do it for her.

4. Homer Sits On The Car And Reflects // Mother Simpson (S7E08)


After faking his death and later on falling into his own open grave, Homer is scalded by a woman telling him to “get out of my son’s grave.” Homer realises this woman is his mother who he had previously believed died when he was a child. In reality, Mona Simpson had to abandon her family to protect them after becoming enemy number one of Mr. Burns. She was spotted as a radical hippie immunizing his harmful germ lab and is once again recognised later on in the episode to which she has to abandon her son once more after only just reconnecting.

Before Mona leaves, she says to Homer: “No Matter what, I want you to remember that you have a mother, and she loves you very much.” After she leaves, we see Homer sat on the hood of his car staring out into space and I imagine that this is Homer dealing with a new perspective on his life.

3. Homer’s Mother Dies // Mona Leaves-a (S19E19)


For the third time in the show, Homer’s mother returns. Homer thought she had died in a bus accident in “My Mother The Carjacker” (S15E02), but it is revealed she went into hiding again. Instead of being over the moon at his mother’s return, Homer is conflicted with his mother jumping in and out of his life and says he can’t forgive her. She tries to tell him she has changed her ways, but Homer is rude to his mother who leaves the room. Later that night he realises he should apologise, but when he sees his mother she doesn’t respond. Homer is completely broken and feels terrible for how he acted before her death and I think this is one of the most crushing moments of the whole show.

2. Marge Sings ‘You Are So Beautiful To Me’ // Simpson And Delilah (S2E02)


One of the things Homer misses in his life is a full head of hair in this brilliant early episode of The Simpsons. He finds out about ‘Dimoxinil’ which can regrow hair. Homer charges the bill to the power plant and the chemicals do their magic. Homer feels like a new man with people taking him seriously, as well as job promotions. His new found confidence takes him to great heights with the assistance of brilliant one-time character Karl.

A series of events such as Bart spilling the remaining Dimoxinil and Smithers finding out about the bill causes Homer to be demoted and lose his hair again. Feeling miserable and ugly, he is comforted by Marge in a very touching moment who sings “You are so beautiful to me.” Homer realises that to Marge, it doesn’t matter what he looks like as she’ll love him no matter what.

1. Homer Dies? // One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish (S2E11)


Here we are at number one and I think I speak for everyone when I say this is a heavy episode. What starts off as quite a humourus and standard Simpsons episode in the first half, becomes a sob-fest for the latter. After Homer eats fugu which has been incorrectly prepared, he is told the fish’s poison has left him with 24 hours to live. Distraught, Homer writes a bucket list of things he wants to do on his final day. Events get in the way such as oversleeping and ending up jail that ruin his bucket list, but he attempts to leave the world as a caring father and loving husband.

In his final few hours he listens to the bible on cassette and from the perspective of the back of his armchair we see Homer’s body go limp. Marge proceeds to walk downstairs softly calling out to Homer before seeing his slumped body in the chair and realises what must have happened. She goes to see her husband and realises his drool is still warm, meaning he is alive and just asleep. She wakes him up and we learn Homer must not have been poisoned after all in a brilliant finish to the episode.

So that’s my list. Do you agree with the ranking and do you think I missed out any important moments? Let me know in the comments and there will be more Simpsons pieces on the way!

2 thoughts on “25 Emotional Moments From The Simpsons

  1. Great list. I’d forgotten about #25 but a great moment and you really are impacted how pivotal a turning point in homer and Lisa’s relationship that would have been and the impact of the decision he made. Such a great scene and episode.

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