25 Emotional Moments From The Simpsons

20. Edna Gets Stood Up // Bart The Lover (S3E16)


After breaking the class aquarium with a yo-yo, Bart is given a month’s detention by Mrs Krabappel. Bart discovers that Edna put in a personal ad in the newspaper and decides to respond to it as ‘Woodrow’ as a prank. The two exchange letters and Bart says he wants to meet her at the Gilded Truffle for a meal, but is actually setting her up. We see a broken Edna sat alone at the table and Bart feels guilty for his actions. The Simpson family put together a beautiful farewell letter from Woodrow to comfort Edna.

19. Bart Ruins Lisa’s Thanksgiving Centerpiece // Bart vs. Thanksgiving (S2E07)


After Lisa makes a beautiful centerpiece for the Thanksgiving dinner table, she fights with Bart who tries to move it for the turkey in its place. Their scuffling causes the centerpiece to fly onto the fireplace and burn into ashes and an uncaring Bart is scalded. The line that always sticks with me from this moment is “You don’t even care!” said by the crying Lisa.

18. Bart And Lisa Flashbacks // Lisa On Ice (S6E08)


This whole episode focuses on a rivalry between Bart and Lisa’s hockey teams and favouritism between the two of them. Their rivalry continues off the rink with fighting at home. Their teams eventually have to play each other and sees them in a one-on-one penalty shot with Bart shooting and Lisa in goal. The shot will determine who is better, but before Bart takes the shot, the two of them have flashbacks to caring for each other when they were younger and they decide to forfeit the match.

17. Krusty Reconnects With His Father // Like Father, Like Clown (S3E06)


After Krusty visits the Simpson house for a scheduled evening meal, he overstays his welcome and we learn of his past and how he hasn’t spoken to his father in 25 years. Krusty had always wanted to be an entertainer, but his father, Rabbi Herschel Krufstofski, forbade it and wanted his son to be a rabbi. We see attempts made by Krusty trying to contact his father and then attempts by Bart and Lisa to no avail until the very end, when Krusty’s father visits his show and the two of them make up on live TV.

16. Santa’s Little Helper Recognizes Bart // Dog Of Death (S3E19)


After Santa’s Little Helper nearly dies from a twisted stomach and the family pay a fortune out to save him, they start to resent him due to missing out on their luxuries. He runs away to which he is picked up by Mr. Burns and converted into one of his fierce guard dogs. Bart who his desperately trying to find his dog comes face to face with the new Santa’s Little Helper who launches at him. After Bart yells “Don’t you remember me boy?” SLH is converted back and dives for Bart with affection and also protects him from other guard dogs. A boy and his best friend.


  1. Great list. I’d forgotten about #25 but a great moment and you really are impacted how pivotal a turning point in homer and Lisa’s relationship that would have been and the impact of the decision he made. Such a great scene and episode.

    Liked by 1 person

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