25 Emotional Moments From The Simpsons

The Simpsons was so dynamic in its early years at pulling on the heart strings of its viewers, with the second season being a big example. To me, the quality of the show has lessened in its later seasons and with that so has its emotional content. Here I am listing 25 emotional moments from the show that remind us of how The Simpsons used to make us really feel things and not just laughter.


25. Smart Homer’s Note To Lisa // HOMR (S12E09)


Homer decides to be a human guinea pig and whilst taking x-rays of him, scientists realise Homer has a crayon lodged in his brain. Apparently it had always been covered up accidentally in previous scans. Removing the crayon increases Homer’s IQ 50 times and he gains quite the intellect. Everyone in town resents him except for Lisa who loves her smart dad. Pressured by the unhappiness of his intelligence, Homer asks Moe to lodge the crayon back into his brain. Before the surgery, he writes a note to Lisa expressing he is “taking the cowards way out” and how he has a greater appreciation for her intelligence.

24. Homer and Grandpa Apologise // Grandpa vs. Sexual Inadequacy (S6E10)


As Homer and Marge’s sex life hits the rocks, Grandpa fixes it with his special ‘homemade revitalising tonic’. Realising the profitable benefits this elixir could have, Homer and his dad hit the road to sell it. Their public sale stunts prove to be useless and the two become bitter with each other, causing Grandpa to exclaim Homer wouldn’t be here without the tonic (he was an accident). Hurt, Homer refuses to speak to his father. The two later on end up at Homer’s childhood home, where Homer finds an old picture of his dad dressed as Santa. He realises his father did care for him and the two embrace in apologies… whilst accidentally incinerating the house.

23. Mrs Krabappel Tribute // Four Regrettings And A Funeral (S25E03)


Sadly in 2013, Marcia Wallace, who had famously voiced Edna Krabappel from the start of the show, died from pneumonia and sepsis. Her character was deemed irreplaceable and so was retired from the show. ‘Four Regrettings And A Funeral’ was dedicated to her.

22. Bluella Dies // The Squirt And The Whale (S21E19)


A severe storm blows through Springfield and the next day Bart and Lisa go out to look at the damage. They see that a blue whale has been washed up onto the beach and Lisa wants to do whatever she can to get ‘Bluella’ back into the sea. Marge realises this might be damaging to Lisa’s caring animal heart and after many desperate attempts, Bluella dies with Lisa next to her. It’s a heartbreaking moment for Lisa’s nurturing soul.

21. Homer’s Speech To Lisa // Lisa’s Wedding (S6E19)


‘Lisa’s Wedding’ is a future-based episode where Lisa meets British student Hugh at their university. The two of them fall in love and plan to marry. They come home to Springfield for the wedding, but Hugh struggles to handle the Simpson family characteristics and habits. At the wedding and before it is called off, Homer visits Lisa’s tent and delivers this heartwarming speech:

“Little Lisa, Lisa Simpson. You know, I always felt you were the best thing my name ever got attached to. Since the time you learned to pin your own diapers, you’ve been smarter than me. (…) I just want you to know I’ve always been proud of you. You’re my greatest accomplishment and you did it all yourself. You helped me understand my own wife better and taught me to be a better person, but you’re also my daughter, and I don’t think anyone could have a better daughter than you.”

2 thoughts on “25 Emotional Moments From The Simpsons

  1. Great list. I’d forgotten about #25 but a great moment and you really are impacted how pivotal a turning point in homer and Lisa’s relationship that would have been and the impact of the decision he made. Such a great scene and episode.

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