10 Great Valentine’s Day Cartoon Specials

Whilst Valentine’s Day might not be as popular as Christmas, Easter or Halloween, there’s still plenty of great cartoon episodes dedicated to the loving season. One thing I’ve always noticed in cartoons is how good they make candy hearts look whereas in reality it’s just a weird chalky taste. Here are ten recommendations from Wardculture:

The Simpsons – I Love Lisa (S4 EP15)


A classic from The Simpsons sees the town celebrating Valentine’s Day where some have remembered and some haven’t (Homer). In Miss Hoover’s class, the children are handing out Valentine’s cards and Lisa sees Ralph hasn’t received one. She alters her card to address it to Ralph and he falls head over heels for Lisa. Smitten, Ralph escorts Lisa home and Lisa realises the problem she has caused. In many efforts to shower Lisa with affection, Ralph gives her a ticket to the ‘Krusty 29th Anniversary Special’ and reluctantly she agrees to go, only to cause a TV upset between the two of them.

Futurama – Love And Rocket (S4 EP3)


A love story between robots sees Planet Express landing a contract from Romanticorp just before Valentine’s Day to which they will deliver candy conversation hearts across space. The money from the deal lets Prof. Farnsworth add features to the Ship including a female voice module which becomes an instant attraction to Bender. The Planet Express Ship and Bender become a couple with a montage of romantic dates which are left short as Bender has already grown tired of the relationship. He thinks the perfect time to break up with the Ship is during a space chase and results in the ship taking over. From there ensues plenty of 2001: A Space Odyssey references and Fry trying to find the perfect candy heart to describe his feelings for Leela.

South Park – Tom’s Rhinoplasty (S1 EP11)


This early South Park episode sees Mr. Garrison take some time off from teaching to get nose job surgery and is replaced by young female teacher ‘Miss Ellen’. The boys in the class instantly fall head over heels for her which Wendy clocks that Stan has the hots for her as well. The two had made Valentine’s plans, but Stan and the other boys are focused on getting Miss Ellen gifts instead. Infuriated, Wendy tries to grab Stan’s attention and threaten Miss Ellen which results in extreme measures. Meanwhile Mr. Garrison’s new look (The Hoff) has its benefits of being a super sexy man, but I don’t think he’s cut out for it…

Hey Arnold! – Arnold’s Valentine (S1 EP20)


It’s Valentine’s Day and the kids in Miss Slovak’s class are writing out their Valentine’s to give to another student. Whilst Helga is writing her passionate card for Arnold, she overhears a discussion between Arnold and Gerald about Arnold’s card for Ruth (another girl at the school). At the same time Arnold receives a letter from French pen pal, Cecile. Arnold invites Ruth to a dinner at Chez Pierre and signs his card anonymously. Helga alters Cecile’s card before Arnold sees it and states that she will be visiting that night and would like to meet at Chez Pierre.

Now stuck with two dates Arnold aims to balance the two by going back and forth between one restaurant and another. At the same time, Helga decides to give herself a ‘French’ makeover and disguise herself as Cecile, who Arnold has a picture of… At the same time the actual Cecile is visiting Arnold to surprise him. Lots of meals and dates to be had for Arnold and Helga finally gets a chance to tell him how she feels.

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown


The children are preparing for Valentine’s Day and Charlie Brown is patiently waiting to receive his very first Valentine in the mail. Unfortunately his waiting isn’t paying off. Linus believes his teacher really likes him and vows to get her a very special present which ends up being a large heart-shaped box of chocolates. Sally thinks this is for her and decides she must make Linus a special gift. Snoopy puts on a Valentine’s play for Lucy and ‘exchanges’ Valentine’s with Woodstock. This year Charlie Brown might finally have some luck…

Cow And Chicken – Chicken’s First Kiss (S1 EP10)


In a game of ‘girls chase boys who wear blindfolds and are tagged by dolls and sent to jail’, Chicken and the other boys lose the game and end up in the JALE dumpster. Whilst in there Chicken is kissed by Whiny. This results in the other boys stating chicken has ‘cooties’ and they all stay away from him. Chicken is fed horror stories about what will happen to his body now that he has contracted ‘cooties’ which includes his “butt falling off.” He then proceeds to go into hysterics believing the deformities to be real.

Rugrats – Be My Valentine (S6 EP32)


This is a two-part episode of Rugrats taking place in the same day. First off Angelica is dressed as Cupid and fires an arrow at Spike the dog. She informs the babies that they need to find a Valentine for Spike or his heart will break. The babies spend the episode trying to connect Spike with Fluffy the cat… cats and dogs can get on right? In part two the babies are brought to the ‘Valentine’s Through The Ages’ dance and are left in the children’s area. Whilst the parents are dancing together Chuckie realises his dad doesn’t have a Valentine so makes a card for him. Angelica tells him if his dad doesn’t receive his Valentine before the night is over then he won’t have one. It’s one of those Chuckie episodes.

Recess – My Funny Valentine (S3 EP12)


The children at Third Street School are making paper bags for Valentine’s Day cards and TJ lacks any interest in the event. The gang visit the local store and whilst everyone else rushes to the Valentine’s stand, TJ talks to shopkeeper, Aaron Kelso for advice. Kelso informs TJ that as kids he and his classmates made Valentine’s for each other. Inspired, TJ makes joke cards for the girls. The joke doesn’t go his way as his ‘sentimental’ writing is taken seriously and each girl is smitten. The girls find out that TJ has given a card to every one of them and he becomes enemy number one!

Ed, Edd N Eddy’s Hanky Panky Hullabaloo


As part of Valentine’s Day, May Kanker is writing a card for her love, Ed. Ed on the other hand is doing all he can to avoid Valentine’s rituals with bag disguises and onion breath. After a failed attempt at giving Ed his card, Double D feels sorry for Mae and writes one out to her. At the same time, Jimmy and Sarah are little cupids firing arrows around the school which results in May and Double D developing feelings for each other. This does not bode well with Ed, Eddy and the other Kanker sisters who will try everything to break the two apart.

A Ducktales Valentines (Amour Or Less) (S3 EP18)


Scrooge McDuck is off to find the secret treasure of Aphroducky (The Goddess of Love) and the children stow away in his plane. Whilst deep-sea diving, Launchpad catches himself on a golden arrow which instantly makes someone fall in love with the first thing they see. Unfortunately for Launchpad it is a shark. The arrow’s are said to be Cupid’s arrows and Scrooge claims them for himself.

The real Aphroducky on Mount Olympus finds out Scrooge has taken the arrows and goes to retrieve them back. In a scuffle for the golden arrows, both Scrooge and Aphroducky are jabbed by them and fall in love with each other. To the dismay of the boys and Webby, they are struggling to break the two apart. They learn that true love is what breaks the curse and Scrooge has to decide between Aphroducky and his fortune.

There’s our list, let us know in the comments some of your favourite Valentine’s Day episodes from cartoons and other pop culture references!


6 thoughts on “10 Great Valentine’s Day Cartoon Specials

  1. 🤔interesting, the one that always comes to mind which is a slight change of tone is the episode from Buffy with the love spell where everyone is attracted to Xander. Left an impression in what was a fairly dark part of the season having that episode of levity.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a great episode I haven’t seen it in years! Really was something else by their standards. Also thank you for your continued support checking in with the blog I really appreciate it!


  2. Some great recommendations there – Obviously the Simpsons ‘I choo choo choose you’ is the best thing ever! Not really a Valentine’s Day person myself but this and the South Park episode I can watch all day any day!
    Great choices of classic cartoons though

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