New Pokémon CG Remake – ‘Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution’ Coming To Netflix

Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution which is a CG remake of Pokémon: The First Movie will be heading to Netflix 27th February worldwide excluding Japan and Korea. The film first released in Japanese cinemas last Summer and grossed around ¥2.75billion.

The story remains the same with beautifully updated CG animated graphics that see and Ash and co. trying to stop a synthetically created Pokémon by Team Rocket who is incredibly strong psychic powers. The story plays on the themes of friendship, trust, power and the self-awareness of one’s existence. It’s certainly another dose of nostalgia which The Pokémon Company have been riding since 2016.

The new look of Mewtwo.

After scientist’s discover a Mew fossil (who is one of the most powerful and rarest Pokémon), they conduct experiments to make their own strong clone. Finally they create Mewtwo whose psychic powers give it the ability to think existentially and talk English. It breaks out of the lab, leaving a complete wreckage before being confronted by Team Rocket boss, Giovanni. Giovanni says he can train Mewtwo to be the strongest Pokémon which starts off with training until Mewtwo once more feels doubt in its existence and that Pokémon are merely creatures for humans to use. It leaves to become the strongest Pokémon trainer.

The original movie was a huge hit in the 90’s and would be the start of the current 22 animated productions and some would definitely argue that the first couple of films are the best produced. Many will remember the emotional Pikachu moments from Mewtwo Strikes Back and are we sure we’re ready to go through that again?

Ash first seeing Mewtwo.


The movie will see a mixture of returning, longstanding and later voice casting with original voice for Brock and James, Bill Rogers voicing his familiar roles. Michele Knotz who has been with the voice cast for many years will voice Jessie and Misty, Ted Lewis returns as Giovanni who has also voiced Tracey Sketchit and the announcer for Pokémon Stadium. The current voice artist for Ash Ketchum, Sarah Natochenny will continue her position and not Veronica Taylor (original Ash).

I wonder if this is the future of Pokémon productions in the West with titles streaming on Netflix which has been a running theme this week after Studio Ghibli announced their titles would appear on European Netflix in the next couple of months.

See the trailer for Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution here:

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