Mario Kart Tour releases 25th September

Start your engines and grab your shells!

Set your calendars folks because Mario Kart Tour will be coming to iOS and Android devices on the 25th September.

The game will see the return of classic Mario Kart racers including: Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Toad, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Peach, Koopa and the best guy… Waluigi! The game will also use maps based on locations from around the world hence the ‘Tour’ in the title.  It will also feature landmarks such as Elizabeth Tower, Eiffel Tower and The Empire State Building.

We will also be seeing familiar Mario Kart courses returning such as Choco Island from the original SNES title, Dino Dino Jungle from Double Dash on the GameCube; this happens to be one of my favourite courses. After winning a game there will be a chance play on bonus rounds which further increases the playability and challenge Mario Kart Tour has to offer.

A shot of unlockable characters, racer choices and player screens featuring a high score system.

To steer your racer you will move your finger from left to right on the screen and currently in the beta mode it looks there is just a single-player option. There will be micro-transactions and cool-down timers which have been seen in the last Nintendo mobile title Dr. Mario World; can’t have a mobile game without a monetization factor am I right? Here you will be able to unlock characters, badges and karts with designs looking to be based off of the areas.

mario kart tour
A shot of what the gameplay will look like on phone screens.

All the usual items will be returning to the game including bananas, red/green/blue shells and stars.

If done right this could be the best Nintendo mobile game to date!

Pre-registration is now available following the link from this tweet:


Watch the trailer below:

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