Pokémon Sword & Shield update: Are we just getting silly now?

As with the grand scheme of things in the run up to a Pokémon game release, each month we are given bits of information which will include new characters and Pokémon and this new look at Sword & Shield is no different. However, this game has had fans divided since first announced which isn’t uncommon, but due to absences of certain aspects previous games had and seeing the new additions to the game, it has me thinking that Game Freak are rushing their games.

So what did we see in the new Sword & Shield announcement?

Well the games will have their own Pokémon forms just like the Alolan Pokémon from Sun & Moon which included Diglett, Cubone, Raichu and more. This time Weezing (no mention of Koffing), Zigzagoon and Linoone will receive Galarian forms. I can understand the design of Weezing as it imitates the industrial revolution of Great Britain and perhaps an aristocratic Victorian man. However, it looks like Pokémon are just creating crazy designs like Alolan Exeggutor was where these Pokémon will be ten times taller than usual and just seems unnecessary. Weezing basically looks like a cross between a bong and Doug Dimmadome, Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome from Fairly Odd Parents. It will also be part fairy type for some reason whereas I would have like to have seen a poison/steel collaboration if we’re going with the industrial revolution…or maybe even fire?


Now Zigzagoon and Linoone look like they went to a Kiss concert with their new black and white Gene Simmons look. Linoone was a Pokémon I did use in gen 3 as you could teach it surf…but I mean who didn’t have a HM slave? The Alolan forms in the previous games were clearly a homage to generation one as with Pokémon GO, there was a lot of nostalgia riding back then so it is easy to see how they’re expanding into other generations. What is most interesting about this development is the fact Linoone can now evolve into a stage 2 Pokémon, but only in its Galarian form. I have been wanting to see older Pokémon receive new evolutions which hasn’t been seen since generation four. Linoone will evolve into ‘Obstagoon’ and all three will be dark/normal types. This is one thing I can handle with the craziness of the games, new evolutions for old favourites!

There was one more Pokémon reveal in the trailer which is by far the most dissatisfying as it is another Pikachu clone. Most Pokémon games since generation three have had a Pikachu imitation of some kind such as Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu, Dedenene and Mimikyu and now we have Morpeko…more like ‘more Pikachu’ am I right? Morpeko is a form-changing Pokémon and changes from its electric ‘full belly’ type to the dark ‘hangry’ type where its ‘aura wheel’ move will change type as well. The fact that there is a Pokémon with a hangry mode is just ridiculous and too much silly for me.

morpeko fullmorpeko hangry

Finally, the new rivals in the game were announced which included characters – Bede, Marnie and her fans Team Yell. I wonder if there will be a plot twist to these characters where the one we think is the baddie, isn’t actually all they seem to be. I can understand the design for Team Yell as they have a punk rock design which fits the British imitation of the game, but for me they do just look like Team Skull with a different genre attached to them and a little makeover. A lot of Sword & Shield has looked copy and pasted so far with battle moves, character designs and as mentioned new Pokémon and characters seeing not much development. Team Yell are described as ‘Wild Fans’ – a nod to the Pokémon fans perhaps?

What do we really want from Pokémon, Nintendo and Game Freak at this point?

Do we want a sweet Unreal Engine open world game? Or maybe the national dex and better sprites seeing as we’re on the Switch now. I guess some of us will never be pleased with Pokémon games as nostalgia and comparisons to other games always play a big part. Let me know in the comments what you think about Sword & Shield so far or what you would like to see in the game!

2 thoughts on “Pokémon Sword & Shield update: Are we just getting silly now?

  1. “Weezing basically looks like a cross between a bong and Doug Dimmadome, Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome” – this line killed me xD Amazing reference


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