‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Director announces character design change following criticism from fans

CGI animators at Paramount have ‘gotta fix fast’ in redesigning Sega mascot ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ before the film’s release at the end of the year after criticism from video game fans.

The criticism came after the first feature trailer for the upcoming movie was released earlier this week. Many commented on the blue hedgehog’s not-so-similar appearance to his video game look, even prompting some artists on Reddit to design their own Sonic themselves to replicate the ideal CGI look.

After days of feedback, Jeff Fowler, director of ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ took to Twitter to express how fans were not happy and that Paramount and Sega will be working to improve the character design of Sonic. The titular character, who is voiced by Ben Schwartz (Ducktales), certainly had visual similarities to a hedgehog, but clearly the Sonic we are all familiar with includes big gloved hands and large eyes; these two features make a massive difference when compared to Paramount’s Sonic.

A studio deciding to alter their work following early fan criticism is not common and is interesting to see Paramount take this step. Many fans will be tired of poor film homages to video games with previous efforts including ‘Doom’, ‘Mario Bros.’ and ‘Street Fighter’ all proving to look dreadful. A successful video game movie is long overdue and it looks like the new Pokémon movie ‘Detective Pikachu’ might be the first.

My main hope is that the artists will not be put under a lot of stress or feel like the designs are their fault. This kind of alteration will take a lot of time and effort so fingers crossed it pays off I mean changing a CGI character sounds crazy. My mother hope is that this film doesn’t blow its budget and is a success at the box office, because no doubt there will be hopes for a franchise.

‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ will also feature Jim Carrey (Ace Ventura, The Mask, Dumb & Dumber) as Sonic’s arch-nemesis Dr. Robotnik in what seems like a lot of character development for his character with the lack of features the animated Robotnik has. However at the end of the trailer, we do see Carrey donning the typical look of Robotnik having a bald head and huge moustache. Fans have joked following the trailer that Carrey’s back will be hurting from ‘carrying the film’, if the updates to Sonic are successful, then we might just have a great film in our midst.

The trailer for the film highlights that Sonic appears in the town of ‘Green Hills’ and his speed is affecting electricity throughout America, there are huge portal rings and there’s only one man who can supposedly stop him. The criticism of the movie is a nice change of pace of criticism to Sonic video games…

It would be great to see such distaste from a group of people having an impact on many other subjects.

See the original trailer for yourself here:



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