Popular indie title Cuphead coming to the Nintendo Switch very soon

A mixture of 1930’s cartoon animation and a jazz soundtrack to match, Studio MDHR’s delightful run and gun Cuphead became an instant hit with its release on PC and XBOX One back in 2017. With inspiration from classic games from the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) era, the game is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Cuphead whilst looking so inviting is not the easiest game in the world and if you found titles such as the MegaMan series of games exciting then you will love this one. The game follows the story of Cuphead and his brother Mugman who fight a series of bosses in order to pay back their debt to the Devil after losing a bet.

Previously if you were playing the game single-player, you could only play as Cuphead but after a new update to the game you now have the choice to play Mugman.

The game is set to release on the Switch on 18th of April and is suspected to be from the recent partnership by XBOX and Nintendo to share XBOX Live on Switch consoles. This has been a praised direction in gaming with Sony still not announcing any co-operations with the companies.

Cuphead has a great list of characters, a hard but engaging story and side missions and my advice is to play this game with a friend because it is unforgiving. The soundtrack is a masterpiece though and if you haven’t checked out Cuphead yet then you have been missing out!

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