Nintendo to embrace virtual reality again with new LABO VR kit

Once upon a time in the 90s Nintendo created a product called The Virtual Boy which was supposed to be a groundbreaking success as was expected from Nintendo and a step into the technological future. The Virtual Boy was a 32-bit table-top console released in 1995 and never saw the UK markets due to its commercial failure with its high price, poor graphics and worries about health when using the headset. 24 years later, it looks like Nintendo are finally taking that nervous first step into the world of virtual reality once again.

Expanding on last year’s Nintendo LABO release which enables you to craft objects out of cardboard and use them to interact with mini games on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo is taking the next step to allow players to customise and build their own VR headset. The new product otherwise known as the Toy-Con 04: VR Kit, continues the line of products and will be available as a starter set as well as expansions to build specific models like last year’s robot design.

There will be a pack that includes all of the expansions otherwise known as ‘Toy-Cons’ and these cardboard models enable players to use VR like never before, building their product to their specifications as well as the examples provided and even though the products are advertised towards children, they are quite the challenge to anyone. The models you can build include a blaster goggles and an elephant? Leave it to Nintendo to invent the weird and wonderful.

It is hard to say whether this VR kit is a surprise or not due to the previous failings from Nintendo, but arguably they have to catch up with the way video games are moving into the future… No matter how far behind they are. The VR front has gone quiet after the PlayStation VR came and went with not much of an indent in the gaming world so far. There’s certainly a place for virtual reality in gaming and now that Nintendo are entering the competition it might restart the need and desire for VR.

Have a look at the Toy-cons here:


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