Queen: 25 great songs not featured on the Platinum Collection

The Queen biopic movie Bohemian Rhapsody has hit retailer shelves and I thought of no way better than to honour the band than with celebrating Queen’s back catalogue with tracks that don’t appear on their three Greatest Hits otherwise known as the Platinum Collection.

The band, whose career spanned for over 20 years are well-known as masters of writing hit singles, but their 15 albums hold so much more than that. Take a look below and leave your favourite Queen songs in the comments. I have aimed to provide varied mix of tracks throughout their career.

If You Can’t Beat Them – Jazz, 1978

This is certainly a single-worthy tune! It has all the rock goodness that some of Queen’s hit singles have and the title chorus for this John Deacon number will be stuck in your head for days. The low riff driven moments guide you, whilst a confident Freddie Mercury is leading everyone his way and wants you to have a good time…at the end of the day, if you can’t beat them, join them!

Don’t Try So Hard – Innuendo, 1991

One of Queen’s most beautiful songs. How Mercury could hit those high notes whilst his body was slowly dying and warring away is truly remarkable. The later half of the track moves on from the emotional vocals electronics and presents Mercury and the harmonisation as larger than life before Brian May’s guitar takes over.

Was It All Worth It – The Miracle, 1989

A dramatic end to a great album. Loud and in your face guitars, beautiful harmonies and string and electronic sections which give the song a finish so fitting some orchestrates could never come close. The song asks the important question of ‘was it all worth it’ and I like to think it was.

Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To…) – A Night At The Opera, 1975

A mighty operatic number which serves up hard rock goodness. Brian May’s guitar work is the highlight here with crunching notes and almost touches the heavy metal genre with those deep tones. It’s a great introduction to one of Queen’s most iconic albums.

Sail Away Sweet Sister – The Game, 1980

A track written by Brian May to the sister he never had. Furthermore, it is sung by Brian as well and whilst not being one of the most ‘epic’ of Queen songs, its lyrics are certainly powerful.

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