‘Little Friends: Dogs & Cats’ coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019 and it’s one for all the Nintendogs fans!

I’m sure many of us will have been in the same situation around 2005/2006 shouting at our Nintendo DS trying to get a virtual dog to sit down or do a trick. Nintendogs and it’s follow up Nintendogs + Cats were popular videogames on the DS and 3DS and finally we have a spiritual successor in our midsts.

That successor is Little Friends: Dogs & Cats which released in Japan by indie game publisher Sold Out at the end of last year and will finally be reaching Europe this Spring.

In the game you can choose from six breeds of puppies including Labradors and French Bulldogs and three breeds of kittens. You’re able to name, pet, feed, play and compete with your new furry friend as you build a bond with each other. All of this is very remeniscent to Nintendogs. 

There are over 600 accessories, and for you to help train your pet you will use its favourite toy. The many different items will help with walks, developing skills and training. Using the Nintendo Switch touchscreen will add in game connection to your virtual buddies.

You can have a little animal hotel which holds up to 12 furry friends, but the main part of the game will be competing in events as if you were at Crufts.

For all of you that loved Nintendogs this is sure to be a hit and trip down memory lane. Let’s just hope they’ll respond to us this time and make sure not to ignore your real life pets…

See the trailer here:

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