New Weezer single: ‘High As A Kite’ sees Rivers Cuomo impersonating Mister Rogers

It’s always a nervous moment before you press play on a new Weezer track. In your mind you’re hoping you’ll like it and you hope for a juicy chorus and riffy guitars and with a diverse back catalogue like Weezer, you never know what you’re going to get.

Thankfully their new single High As A Kite from their upcoming Black Album out March 1st, it on the good side of Weezer songs! This is great to hear after their last release Zombie Bastards had no creativity and sounded like an extra track from previous album Pacific Daydream.

The song starts off with soft piano moments and cuts through to a loud chorus with a soft rock tinge and Brian Bell’s guitar cuts through nicely. It is actually different for Weezer and still has its pop elements, but for my ears its one of the more experimental of Weezer’s back catalogue. We’re really getting a bit of everything on their new album.

The music video that has released alongside the track depicts frontman Rivers Cuomo as the late Mister Rogers on the children’s TV show he was renowned for Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. The music video starts off child friendly like any old episode, before descending into a glaring rock finish with sinister stares from Cuomo and the band destroying the model town famously used in the show.

Like an episode of the show, it is in front of a ‘live audience’ and before long this new negative image and music choice (which matches the lyrical themes) becomes too much and Weezer are left playing to no-one. It’s a bit like the Alice In Chains music video for The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here but nowhere near as horrifying.

Weezer recently released a covers album featuring popular hits of the 80’s and 90’s titled The Teal Album and was actually fun and surprisingly good. They’re a band that keep themselves busy whether that is for better or worse but I tip my hat to thee Weezer.

See the video for yourself here:

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