Nickelodeon set to revive classic shows including ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark’ and ‘All That’

Nickelodeon was one of the titans of children’s entertainment in the 90’s, dominating after school TV with shows such as Rugrats and CatDog.  They have been riding the nostalgia train over the last year or so, and it looks like their going to keep on going with old classics returning and announcements of new TV shows coming to their network.

One of Nickelodeon’s biggest announcements is the return of Are You Afraid of the Dark? which was Canada’s Goosebumps with an added touch of The Twilight Zone and aired throughout the first half of the 90’s. It was horror story based show revolving around a group of teenagers known as the ‘Midnight Society’ who would gather around a campfire in the woods and tell a new story in each episode which would be visually portrayed to the viewer. The show is scheduled to return in October coinciding with a film of the same name just in time for Halloween and will feature a new ‘Midnight Society’.

Also returning is 90’s sketch show All That which famously started the careers of Kenan Thompson (SNL) and Kel Mitchell (Clifford The Big Red Dog) and will include Thompson as an executive producer. One of the most popular sketches to feature the comedy duo was Good Burger which went on to become a film in 1997. The show will be returning in the Summer along with popular 80’s and 90’s game show Double Dare which will have 40 new episodes.

This isn’t the first time in the last few years Nickelodeon have brought old favourites back as Hey Arnold! and Rocko’s Modern Life have had new movies released and a new Rugrats series is also said to be in the works. Other major comebacks include America’s Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader, children’s learning show Blue’s Clues and 20th anniversary spin-off episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants.

The big new announcements for Nickelodeon is the arrival of  new Star Trek and Paddington series’ with the latter seeing Ben Whishaw reprising his role from the movie. The Star Trek children’s animated series is being written by Emmy-winning writers Kevin Hageman and Dan Hageman, known for Trollhunters and The LEGO Movie. 

What Nickelodeon show would you like to see make a comeback?


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