Nintendo Direct (13/02) Full Roundup: Link’s Awakening and Super Mario Maker 2 to release on the Switch in 2019

The latest Nintendo Direct was full of news and information presented by Yoshiaki Koizumi and Nintendo had plenty of surprises up their sleeves. It looks to be another busy year for the Nintendo Switch with titles from all genres being added to its ever-expanding catalogue in 2019 with some old favourites and brand new never-before-seen games. See below what was announced:

Super Mario Maker 2: June 2019

super mario maker 2

Opening up the Nintendo Direct was the announcement of a second Mario Maker title following on from 2015’s original WII U release. The new title will include a new menu system, new terrains and stage building. The game will also see the addition of content from Super Mario 3D World such as enemies, stages and the cat costume bring a 3D touch to this popular 2D game. This is really going to push level creators to their limits and if you thought the stages in the original game were hard…I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet.

Link’s Awakening: Remastered: 2019 

links awakening

Now this one came as a surprise to close off the Direct which Nintendo usually do quite well. For the first time since its release back in 1993 and the Color re-release in 1998, Link’s Awakening which was originally on the GameBoy is getting a remaster on the Switch sometime this year. The graphics look incredible and look to have taken influence from A Link Between Worlds on the 3DS as well as some cute chibi art and other RPG games. The game keeps all of the classic content from before including the Mario easter eggs such as Goombas. This is one to look out for and continues the run of there being a Zelda game in most years.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order: Summer 2019

marvel ultimate alliance 3

For the first time in ten years the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series returns to Nintendo in a new 4-player story game with a massive Marvel roster spanning from The Avengers, Defenders, X-Men, Inhumans and the Guardians Of The Galaxy. The aim of the story is to stop Thanos and the Black Order unleashing ‘Cosmic Chaos’. The game will be compatible on TV, offline on four Switch’s or through online mode as well. Each character can level up and have ultimate extreme special attacks and synergy attacks can be created by combining multiple characters special attacks. That’s a lot of power.

Box Boy + Box Girl: April 26th 


The popular puzzle game BoxBoy is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch with his friend Box Girl adding a new multiplayer element to the game. New stages have been added with there being 270 in total and you will have to work together in order to coordinate your way through them. After completing the story a new story opens up starring Qudy also known as ‘the tall one’ providing new challenges that compensate Qudy’s taller stature.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Super Smash Bros. and amiibo updates 

amiibo direct

Super Smash Bros. will see its Version 3.0 update this Spring with not much information being released so far besides Joker from Persona 5 being added to the game in the first Challenger Pack. Spring has been states as the time to Smash so it looks like big updates are on the way. Accompanying that amiibo have been confirmed for Simon Belmont, Snake, Pokémon Trainer, Ivysaur and Squirtle which will release later this year.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker has just been given a new multi-player mode so you can play as Toad and Toadette together. Accompanying this will be 18 new challenges and on March 14 there will be DLC for the game.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses: July 26th 


Firstly, Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been pushed back from its intended Spring release due to Nintendo needing more time on developing the game but fear not it will still be a 2019 release. The setting of the new game will be on the continent of Fodlan with three mighty powers controlling the land. You are the hero the world needs but will also teach at the academy within the Church of Seiros, building up an army for one of three houses: Black Eagles led by Edelgard, Blue Lions (Dimitri) and Golden Deer (Claude). Training with the knights of Seiros will build up their experience and acquire new weapon choices and skills. Your training will determine whether your students live or die with the game continuing its classic RPG combat playing style.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age announced

dragon quest ci

Dragon Quest Builders 2 will release July 12th and will be a major expansion on the previous game. There are new features such as dashing and flying, as well as, building to new heights to make even grander buildings. The game will have a new retro infused map to give off the classic Dragon Quest look. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age will set you on a perilous journey as a outcasted hero with a rag-tag bunch of companions. The game will feature open world horse-riding, roaming enemies and limited uses of magic so resources are key. The game will feature a skill point tree to unlock new spells and attacks, weapon forgery, side quests, horse racing and a cross-over between HD 3D visuals and traditional 16-bit when traversing through terrains.

Yoshi’s Crafted World final announcements, Final Fantasy announcement, Starlink update 


Yoshi’s Crafted World will be hitting shelves March 29th and the final update from the game is basically that you can collect costumes from in-game coins which will provide you with some defence during the game. The groundbreaking and ever so popular Final Fantasy VII will finally be released on a Nintendo console on March 26th with Final Fantasy IX available to play from now. Starlink: Battle For Atlas will receive an update in April including starship racers and missions featuring popular Starfox characters including pilots Peppy, Falco and Slippy.

Deltarune, Disney Tsum Tsum and Tetris 99 announcements 


Delatrune is a now game by Undertale creator Toby Fox and will be split into chapters. The art style and gameplay are reminiscent of the aforementioned title and the first chapter is available to download for free on the Switch now. One that I never thought I’d see but that’s the beauty of video games, Disney Tsum Tsum Festival will be released later this year and will be a co-operative party game filled with puzzles and games fun for all the family. It will also have online support. Tetris is the game series everyone will have either played or heard of and to take a game that’s over 30 years old you have to make it special to stand out in 2019. Well in Tetris 99 which is a free download for Online users, you can play online against 98 other players with future events lined up as well. It’s basically a battle royale…but with Tetris!

Other scheduled releases: 

Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night: Summer 2019 

Rune Factory 4 remaster later this year 

Rune Factory 5 in development 

Oninaki: Summer 2019 

Dead By Daylight ported to the Switch: Autumn 2019 

Unravel 2: March 22nd 

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice: Spring 2019 

Assassins Creed III: Remastered: May 21st 

GRID Autosport: Summer 2019 

Astral Chain: August 30th 

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