Nintendo Direct (13/02) – what we could see!

Tonight (13/02) there will be a new Nintendo Direct with a 35 minute slot so it is likely Nintendo will be quite choosy about the content they advertise tonight. I thought I would list some ideas below about the content we could potentially see that Nintendo are working on in 2019. The Direct will be at 10pm (UK time) and I will be live tweeting the announcements over on my Twitter of the same name!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses 


Nintendo have confirmed that they will be showing content for the upcoming Fire Emblem title ‘Three Houses’ which is set to be released some time in Spring. It is the first title in the main series of games since 2015’s ‘Fates’ on the 3DS. I imagine that the Direct will inform us of a release date as well as looking at the storyline and combat system of the game. It is the second title in the series to be released on the Switch following 2017’s hack and slash spin off ‘Warriors’. 

Yoshi’s Crafted World 

yoshi crafted world

The upcoming Yoshi title is set to release March 29th and I think a bit of final information will slip in just to add to any gameplay features of the use of amiibo. ‘Crafted World’ takes major influence from previous Yoshi games, especially the Wii U’s ‘Woolly World’. This new title presents the world as if everything has been crafted and Nintendo’s artistic strengths really do come to life. It will have the option for a second player and will see you using two sides of the screen to progress through the colourful levels.

Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn 

kirbys extra epic yarn

The fabulous 3DS port of the Wii title will hit shelves on March 8th and like Yoshi’s Crafted World I can see a small amount of final information being released with some gameplay of the newly added content. If you haven’t played this game on the WII I really do recommend trying this out on the 3DS as you don’t get many titles on the handheld in the first place, but especially not many as good as this. The game has seen some tweaks in terms of bigger yarn balls, new items getting you through stages and new mini games. It’s one of the best Kirby games in the series.

Animal Crossing Switch (no name confirmed yet) 

animal crossing switch

It’s the one that everyone is anticipating and people just want any kind of detail, mainly a release date, but still it’s something. What would be great to see is a title announced for the game and some details such as new features including multiplayer. This will no doubt be Nintendo’s best selling game this year and I can see an Autumn release on the cards seeing as Nintendo love to stretch out their main releases. The Summer would be appropriate seeing as more people have time to play such a consuming game, but I feel there would have been a Direct already for Animal Crossing.

Super Smash Bros DLC  & amiibo 

piranha plant

It’s been nearly two months since the release of Super Smash Bros on the Switch and the majority of players will now have the DLC Piranha Plant that was announced before the game’s release. It feels like the right time now to announce the next batch of DLC content whether that be playable characters, stages or other bonus content. There will be plenty of rumours or speculation about who is next to join the roster. Tying in with that I hope we see a release date for the next bath of amiibo including Pichu, Ken and Daisy.

Pokémon Generation 8 


February 27th marks National Pokémon Day and it would be highly appropriate of Nintendo to announce they were at least working on the next generation of Pokémon games…or even a Switch title. Pokémon Sun & Moon were released at the end of 2016 and judging by the timeline of Pokémon releases, the end of this year or Spring next year would be a great time for the next generation to hit the shelves. It is debatable if the next games would be on the 3DS. Nintendo have traditionally given Pokémon their own Direct to discuss an upcoming title but you just never know with them! I recently wrote a piece about how I’d love to see the second generation of Pokémon games be given a Switch makeover.

Something about indie titles or Switch Online 

nintendo online

There’s usually a segment where Nintendo announce upcoming indie titles and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was sneaked in somewhere. Accompanying that I would imagine they announce any further retro titles being added to the Nintendo Switch Online catalogue with one recent title being Super Mario Bros. 2. 

Due to the recent announcement of Nintendo reworking Metroid Prime 4 I doubt we’ll hear anything about that game for a while. The final announcements I would love to see is Spyro being announced for the Switch and other AAA titles arriving on the Switch in the future!

Stay Tuned for the full coverage tonight.


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