25 franchises we want to see as Pop! Vinyl in 2019

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Returning to our screens last week I think we are long overdue for Pop! Vinyl of the 99th precinct which could certainly include some limited Boyle’s in his many different outfits!



Another Arnie movie that has never seen a Pop! Vinyl made of it…I JUST WANT ARNIE FIGURINES OKAY!?

G1 (generation one) Transformers


After the success of the new Transformers movie Bumblebee which returns to the origin of the Autobots and the 80’s which they are so respectfully associated with, I think we need some figurines replicating their original designs. Transformers have been made into Pop! Vinyl before but it has been a few years and designs have improved and anyways we still need some Decepticons such as Megatron, Soundwave and Starscream! The main issue that stands in the way here is Hasbro.



A woman who defined pop music in the 80’s and is well-known for her outlandish outfits, it only seems fair that taking into account which music artists have already been created into Pop! Vinyl that we should have Madonna as one as well! Certainly the line that could have limited edition and exclusive figures.

89-97 Batman


There are probably more Batman Pop Vinyl than there are giraffes in the world but my word do we need some of the popular Burton movies! For example Jack Nicholson’s Joker, Danny DeVito’s Penguin and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman (maybe a latex variant?) would look so good with the technology and artistic capabilities of the Funko staff. Obviously there should be one of each Batman from the four films…maybe leave out the batsuit nipples from Batman & Robin.

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