25 franchises we want to see as Pop! Vinyl in 2019

Smashing Pumpkins


This is a personal pick by me but I would love to see a Smashing Pumpkins set and more specifically front-man William Patrick Corgan who over the band’s 30 years career has taken many on stage looks! Even as recently as last year in support of their latest album Mr. Corgan was taking to the stage dressed in huge robes, but I think his most famous look will be his ‘Zero’ image from the album Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness.

Fear & Loathing in Last Vegas


Fear & Loathing had a huge creative visionary in terms of effects and drug replications based on author Hunter S. Thompson’s descriptions and I feel you could get some beautifully colourful designs as Funko figurines. The main designs should be for Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo in their Hawaiian shirts but could easily  be put into scenes like what have previously been done with Disney lines like Aladdin. 

Third Nickelodeon range


Funko have touched on the 90’s era of Nickelodeon quite a lot and I feel they need to move into the 21st Century shows such as Jimmy Neutron, Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom and maybe even Drake & Josh.



Another surprise in terms of lines that haven’t been done and to my belief the only Arnold Schwarzenegger Pop! Vinyl out there is the Conan The Barbarian one. They have done Predator but never Dutch and that may be due to licensing, but how cool would it be to have Terminator lines of figurines? It really is something that doesn’t need asking.



Now Godzilla has been made into a Pop! Vinyl before but, there is scheduled to be a new movie ‘King Of The Monsters’ which will also add other kaiju beings such as Mothra and Rodan and that’s who we need as Funko figures!

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