Wardculture’s Top 25 Albums of 2018!

Superorganism – Superorganism


A mix of memes, indie rock, pop and pop culture bring together a band and album by the name of Superorganism who’s explosion onto the music scene earlier this year was a breath of fresh air. This album is fun, busy and cool and with the band consisting of eight members, you’re presented with a psychedelic aura of sounds and vocals…you’re not given much time to think because you’ve moved onto the next technicolour dream track. Orono’s youthful vocals present an innocent yet confident vibe to the album but also makes me feel like I’m listening to Kimya Dawson and that warms my heart.

14. Kanye West – Ye


If you ignore all the bullshit surrounding Kanye West inside you will find a man. This personal album where Ye opens up about his mental health and personal struggles really gives a different look to a man who is always in the limelight for good or bad. There is some great experimentation in music and the 23 minute running time really leaves you wanting more. It’s a sad beautiful album.

13. Pianos Become The Teeth – Wait For Love 


Pianos Become The Teeth have been a band who have evolved their sound over the years from a post-hardcore band to currently a mix of emo and post-rock with atmospheric undertones. This has been an album I really enjoyed listening to at night or when travelling. Each instrument complements each other to create a soothing mix of echoing guitars and relaxing vocals from Kyle Durfey on every song. Each track blends nicely into one another and stays consistent throughout. The vibe of the tracks is sometimes dramatic, but usually fades back into steady melodic verses with later tracks being a lot slower and toned down. The production quality is beautiful on this record and really picks up where its predecessor Keep You left off. It may be a cold winter’s morning but when the sun shines on this record it glistens with the beauty that music really can be.

12. Tiny Moving Parts – Swell


No band enjoys what they do like Tiny Moving Parts and the instrumentation by the trio beefs up every time they hit the record button. Frontman and guitarist Dylan’s quick fingers have been a prominent part of each record and his singing/shouting vocals are a real crowd pleaser. The tracks are the right length and don’t get stale, they give you everything you need and sound like there’s hundreds of band members creating a dinosaur of a sound when really it’s three guys who are great at what they do. It’s neat, it’s tight, it’s tubular…even if some of the lyrics on this record are a bit strange.

11. Tom Misch – Geography 

Tom Misch_ Geography

Tom Misch’s debut album is up there with those first time records that are mind-blowing. The young guy pretty much recorded the majority of this album himself and in his bedroom and it’s a real musical achievement. Tom is a guitar wizard and infuses jazz riffs with hip hop beats and a little bit of funk and indie in between. You can hear the influences (maybe a little Craig David or Timberlake) and other great solo artists who graced the music world with some fun beats. The jazz side of things is a refreshing release in British music and the hip-hop side really brings out a sexy nostalgia that just gives music that rhythm that resonates all through your body. Don’t sleep on this guy, he’s been making music online for years but I can only see bigger and better things in his future and I imagine a lot of experimentation with music.

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