Wardculture’s Top 25 Albums of 2018!

20. Father John Misty – God’s Favourite Customer 

Father John Misty_ God_s Favorite Customer

There’s something about Father John Misty that I just can’t get enough of. Is it the realness and somewhat depressive lyrical themes? Is it the artistic imagery he paints with his creativity? Is it the variety we get from his records? I think it’s a combination of all of those descriptions. God’s Favourite Customer is certainly a lot more upbeat than his previous Pure Comedy and the record begins as if it was a demo tape starting at a random section in the album but it feels raw and indie with the same glamour than most of the bands records have. The blending of acoustic guitars, Josh Tillman’s vocal range and steady rhythms from piano and drums as well as the variety of instruments provide a relaxed folk and pop combination and I’m surprised the singles on this album aren’t in the charts, they’re very fitting. Josh Tillman is a man who is always evolving his craft and this record is a very nice listen. There aren’t many artists like him.

19. Beach House – 7


It’s a dark balls to the walls noise rock album littered with glamorous synths, haunting vocals and shiny shiny guitars providing a guiding light in these dark times. Beach House always tend to create an abstract and atmospheric sound and they knock the ball out of the park once again with a beautifully immersive put together indie record. It feels like you’re going on an adventure and I would love to see a visual representation of the whole albums because the guitar tones are delightful.  Don’t let the tones distract you from the fact that this album is dark and represents a crazy social time of the last couple of years. This is the music of today.

18. Snail Mail – Lush


Imagine being the age frontwoman Lindsey Jordan is and releasing a great album like Lush. Well it’s all true and this 19-year-old has more talent than I have in one ounce of my body. Lush is like its name…lush. A sweet blend of haunting atmospheric vocals and loud riff heavy guitars that bands like Sonic Youth would be proud of. This album comes at a very important time for female recognition and empowerment. Snail Mail will take you on an indie guitar-driven ride and encompass a real spirit of music. The guitars tones make you shiver and Lindsey’s voice is just so powerful and emotional that you hold on to everything she says.

17. Parquet Courts – Wide Awake


It’s as if early 2000’s indie and 60’s rock met up together and gave the world a batch of delightful musician babies! Parquet Courts are a band who have been releasing great album after great album and there’s just no stopping them. Their songs a groovy with consistent chord, vocal and bass combinations which don’t often give you a break. This album has everything a good indie record should have, fine instrumentation, a mixture of fast and slow and some clear orchestrated vocals with strong lyrical undertones. It’s not the shortest album so strap yourself in for a good time.

16. Awooga – Conduit


Alice In Chains wish they could have made this record. A wonderful piece of space metal this is so needed in the rock world and Conduit is an album that stands ten feet tall and proud. The instrumentation is well crafted, the sound is larger than life and the recording is all so clear and pretty that more music should be as well put together as Awooga have done. It feels like a powerful record, especially from the vocals which never give up and give the perfect blend of melodic singing and scratchy shouting that remind of a once upon a time Jared Leto.

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