21st Pokémon Movie announces its Western title: ‘The Power of Us’ and hints at previous movie throwback

Previously known in Japan as ‘Pokémon the Movie: Everyone’s Story’ the next Pokémon movie to be released will be titled in the West as ‘The Power of Us‘. Judging from the name and with the poster featuring Lugia at the top it looks like there will be some references to the second movie in the franchise ‘The Power of One’.

The main premise of the movie will be of a town that lives in harmony with the wind and holds a festival each year to celebrate the legendary Pokémon Lugia (who is previously known for bringing balance to potential weather disasters and in this movie keeps the wind blowing). Lugia isn’t the only dynamic Pokémon to feature in this movie as new mythical Pokémon Zeraora who was revealed in Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon makes their first on-screen appearance. From the trailer it looks like Zeraora has a connection to one of the newly introduced characters.

It’s a classic Pokémon movie where everything is going well and then disaster strikes and it is up to our heroes and their friends to save the day…what’s not to love?

From the trailer it appears that there is a message in the movie: ‘if you feel you cannot do something on your own, together with your friends you can achieve it’. The movie has introduced multiple characters all of different ages and I’m sure their backgrounds will be revealed in the film. The recent Pokémon series related to the Sun & Moon games have certainly provided a maturer feel to its content and it looks like this movie will carry on that approach will nicely reflects those fans who have grown up with the series over the last 22 years. Judging by the Pokémon in the trailer I presume this will be in the Johto region and will be interesting to see if Ash has any of his other Pokémon with him.

Ash is once again sporting his classic cap.
team rocket
Team Rocket will also feature in the movie and are the only noted original characters besides Ash and Pikachu to be shown in the trailer.

The movie will be in US cinemas at the end of November in association with Fathom Events due to the success of last year’s special showing of the movie ‘I Choose You’ which was an alternate idea towards the origins of Ash and Pikachu as well as featuring the legendary bird Ho-oh. It has not been announced yet whether the movie will be shown in cinemas in the UK and Europe but fingers crossed! It would also be great to see a Pikachu short this time around as the nostalgia of having a Pokémon movie in the cinema was great, but nothing starts off a Pokémon movie better than a Pikachu adventure.

Here is the official movie poster:
pokemon poster



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