The five ‘ahhhh shit’ bosses in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth.

The Binding of Isaac and more specifically its later and better produced release ‘The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth‘ are probably my favourite games. They include many aspects of video games that I love such as collecting a ton of items which also give you a bunch of add-ons. There is a plentiful amount of achievements, randomised rooms and on-your-toe enemies. On top of that every level has a boss room and some bosses are pretty easy to take down, but if you are coming up against a boss with standard heart capacity and no real firepower improvement you may come under great difficulty. The Afterbirth DLC released last year also made the game a hell of a lot harder…but we all like a challenge don’t we?

So you find yourself in said situation, which five bosses that this rogue has to offer will make you reconsider turning the game off and walking away? This does not include end of game bosses such as Mom, Satan, Isaac or Mom’s Heart.

The Haunt

The Haunt throws you straight in with three Lil’ Haunts to begin with that move fast in a circle to target Isaac. They can easily give damage are a pain to take out straight away with at least eight tear shots. You cannot attack The Haunt whilst the Lil’ Haunts are there but you can still take damage from The Haunt if coming into contact. Once The Haunt comes into play you will have to move fast but close to the enemy. If moving in front of the firing line you will receive a brimstone laser-esc blast and if you go up too near from either side, The Haunt will speed up and ram into you. As it is stationed to the top of the screen, it’s better to be up there (sometimes there can be pots in your way) and not be in line with The Haunt but popping in and out to attack.

The Bloat

The Bloat is the posthumous version of another boss, Peep, whose eyes will be out of the body and you cannot kill by attacking. This will do damage to you if they collide with Isaac (or whoever). Now this is an annoyance and so you have to keep moving around the room to avoid them. On top of this The Bloat will move like Peep by jumping up into the air to the area of the room you were at if you didn’t move. Basically you have a lot of moving to do against this guy. There are a lot of similarities to Peep which isn’t uncommon in this game as The Bloat will spread a dangerous substance on the ground and send blood tears in all directions. The main issue is if you are at the side or in front of The Bloat you will be hit with a one heart losing brimstone laser-esc move. The trick here then is to attack from behind when you can to avoid being hit at all costs.

Mask of Infamy

The Mask of Infamy is definitely one of the more annoying bosses due to it being based off of Mask + Heart. The heart and mask are connected and you cannot attack the mask. If seen by the mask it will chase you down if caught in its line of vision. The Mask of Infamy is a little different however. The mask will still chase you but after defeating the heart you still have half the health bar of the enemy. You will have to keep getting behind The Mask as that is where its weak spot is. This is used for many enemies in the game but isn’t always like this if you have certain tear add-ons. Always stay behind as the Mask will run you down but, this will be difficult due to the Mask always moving…just be patient.

The Cage

The Cage is the posthumous version of Mega Fatty, another annoying boss. This boss can jump and roll so you are always kept on your toes. After jumping, The Cage will land and disperse five rock trails that go in all directions. These can do some serious damage. The Cage can roll in any number of directions so it is likely you could be hit. Like Mom’s Heart, it will send out a spiral of tears so you have many things to look out for. The main problem is that this enemy is a tank with constantly changing moves. Just keep moving and eventually you’ll defeat it.

Mama Gurdy

Mama Gurdy appears in The Womb/In Utero and resides in the wall of the top screen. While you’re attacking at the top of the screen, you have to pay attention to the rest of the room as Mama Gurdy can spawn floor spikes and we all know how easy they can take out your health. Watching your step is vital and without any quick tear enhancements you are going to have a hard time getting through this boss battle quickly. When you think you can out-smart the floor spikes, the Callus item which protects you against floor spillages and spikes does not work in this scenario.

Mama Gurdy will probably have you in her field of vision and can shoot out many waves of blood blasts. This can easily hit you depending on the wave and does one heart of damage. It stays on the ground as a floor spillage and so slows you down even more with the fact there’s more to hurt you. On top of that, when you’re trying to hit back, Mama Gurdy can hide in the walls and take no damage, a bit like flying up high in Pokémon. This move usually means she will be implementing the spike attack so at least you have some warning. Mama Gurdy just wants to bring you a world of pain so be ready.

The bonus I can give you from this list is that most of these bosses won’t appear until The Depths so you have plenty of time to scavenge items for you advantage.

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