Death Stranding finally gets an update!

Up until recently we haven’t really seen or heard much from Kojima’s upcoming title which is his first since leaving Konami. All we have really heard and seen was the trailer at E3 which featured Norman Reedus on a beach but still gave off that eerie Kojima feel. However, now there may have been some development in the gameplay department!

It was revealed today in Tokyo by Kojima that Death Stranding will be an action game with an open world. The game will still follow a story however like most of his games do. The open world aspect leaves many questions to be unanswered such as how it will play its part? Where it will be set? What else will be thrown into the mix? Endless questions.

Kojima also said that the game will have online elements too it. However, he did not real to what extent that will be but, by such descriptions such far its looking to fit nicely in modern gaming.

What Kojima did reveal about the game works was that in most games you will go at each other like aggressors, in Death Stranding you will create links (strands) between players. There will still be the action element no doubt and will probably have some form of combat.

It seems Mr. Kojima has some very interesting ideas by breaking away from standard gaming techniques of fighting each other. What was also revealed was a picture of four chibi-like sprites holding hands with the exterior two holding a rope. Three of the four can be identified as Kojima, Reedus and director Guillermo del Toro who has been said to be working with Kojima on this project. The fourth I am not too sure about.

If it’s anything like other Kojima titles, then Death Stranding is one to look out for!

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