New powerful GX cards coming to Pokémon TCG in 2017

During the Pokémon Championships in San Francisco which started today, Pokémon Company President Tsunekazu Ishihara announced that there will be a new card type, the ‘GX‘ coming to Sun & Moon decks next year.

GX is the latest in special Pokémon card types following on from EX, M and Breakpoint cards. All of these cards are the rarest in the packs and display beautiful designs whilst having special features.

The cards revealed in the promo video feature the legendary Pokémon both games Solgaleo (steel) and Lunala (psychic). When playing the game, a player can only use on GX attack and this could give them an early advantage or pick them up from a major losing point. The benefits of this are the destruction that they cause, but the player will have to think about which move to use and when.

In addition to their GX attack, each card will have up to two attacks and due to their high HP, you might not even need to rely on that GX attack. One major downside to playing these cards is that when defeated, the opponent gets to claim two prize cards which means picking the right time to play it is crucial.

Solgaleo’s special trait (Sol Burst) allows the player to add up to five energy cards from their deck and use however they like. This means big attacks are on the way!

Lunala’s special trait (Lunar Fall) is that a player can knock out any of the opposing Pokémon cards.

More updates on future card releases will be written as soon as they are heard!

Pokémon GX will hit shelves in 2017.


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