Even more Pokémon announced for Sun & Moon following Gamescom

Gamescom is always a special time as it is the place where we learn in more depth about the exciting games that will be coming to us in 2016/17. There’s always a few surprises up company’s sleeves with the odd game announcement, but the main content is experiencing these new games and hearing more about them. The Pokémon Company have released some more Pokémon for their upcoming titles: ‘Sun & Moon‘ which was to be expected.


First on the list is a new turtle Pokémon and it is a fire/dragon type. Turtonator is a blast turtle Pokémon with a shell covered in a layer of explosive material and causes major destruction with its move-set. The video shows Turtonator (one of the coolest names) facing off against other turtle Pokémon Torkal and Tirtouga and shows there’s a new turtle in town that is not to be messed around with. Its special ability is ‘shell armour’ and is definitely someone to look out for in the game.


It’s another crab Pokémon…however this time it isn’t a water type. Crabrawler (not the most creative name, Ron seal deal over here) has the special ability hyper cutter/iron fist and will probably be a stand alone fighting type. It has an interesting colour scheme for sure and will definitely be based off of those crabs that pack a punch. Instead of having sharp pincers this Pokémon looks to have boxing gloves and hates to lose.


One of my favourite designs I’ve seen so far is Sandygast. It is a sandcastle ghost/ground type Pokémon and could create an interesting backstory to do with sucking people in. It has the special ability called ‘water compaction’ which its evolution also has. Grabbing Sandygast’s shovel will cause you to fall under its control and can cause children to gather sand to build it up.


Palossand is a very pretty looking sandcastle and is also a ghost/ground type. Its special move ‘water compaction’ raises its defence sharply and is another interesting type combination that is going to prove difficult in the game. Also, this Pokémon has a spinning spade on its head and the ability to control humans to build sandcastles. It supposedly drags Pokémon in to steal their life force…spooky.


Finally we have Stufful which is one of the cutest Pokémon I’ve seen. It is the base evolution of Bewear and is a small Pokémon that packs a punch. It has the special ability of fluffy/klutz and just adds to its adorableness. However, don’t let its cute exterior catch you out.

As always stay tuned for further Pokémon Sun & Moon updates!

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