Konami releases first post-Kojima Metal Gear title ‘Survive’ at Gamescom

A co-op survival game set in an alternate universe is what Konami have in store for the popular Metal Gear game series. This will be the first installment since creator Hideo Kojima was fired by the company. Kojima has his new game ‘Death Stranding‘ in the works, but what does Konami have hidden stealthily up their sleeves?

The Metal Gear: Survive trailer which was released at Gamescom looks to take a different approach and style to traditional Metal Gear Solid games (which isn’t surprising) and states that to progress through this game and get home, then you will have to work in a team.

This could be a separate timeline altogether but is said to follow Metal Gear Solid 5: Grounding Zeros. The sky appears to be full of wormholes that destroy the supposed main character’s Motherbase. You as the player and your soldier counterparts will have to survive in a harsh terrain that happens to be full of deadly creatures. This is sounding very Resident Evil.


These soldiers who are part of the mercenary corporation: Military Sans Frontières will have to work together and there’s no doubt that there will be some form of stealth included…I mean it is a Metal Gear game after-all isn’t it? Stealth will most likely include these creatures and avoiding them. The area is full of structures which are not properly formed and contains many biological threats.

The trailer includes but guns, bows and melee weaponry with one arrow looking to be an explosive propeller. The zombie-like creatures which look like they’re out of other game series’ (Resident Evil, Call Of Duty) appear to have a crystal on their head. Maybe this is something the player will have to harvest.


It looks to be a fresh start for Konami and Metal Gear Solid and trying new elements such as a co-op focused game could go either way with devoted MGS fans. There’s trying something new, and there’s detaching yourself massively from a series that it is unclear whether it could be part of the same series.

The game will be released in 2017 on Xbox One, Ps4 and PC via Steam.

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