Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar return for new Batman animated movie

“I suppose you’re only familiar with the new Batman movies” – Adam West, The Simpsons: Mr. Plow.

Well back in the 1960’s in the first televised iteration of Batman there was Adam West (Family Guy) as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin. They were joined by Catwoman who was played by Julie Newmar, Ertha Kitt and Lee Meriwether. Well Newmar, Ward and West will all reprise their roles 50 years later in a new animated movie.

In a fourth wall breaking trailer provided by entertainment weekly, Batman and Robin find themselves in another predicament, strapped to a lunch tray heading to a fiery doom. Batman informs there will be a new movie which causes Robin to exclaim: “Spoiler alert!” It’s all a big trailer, but is still exciting to see original Batman characters appearing in a different role to what they were previously associated as.


Batman informs us that The Joker, Penguin, Riddler and Catwoman will all be returning to put the Cape Crusader and the Boy Wonder to the test. All of these villains appeared in the original movie. The new movie titled: ‘Return of the Caped Crusaders‘ will be released on Blu-Ray and HD DVD on October 11th.

The fiery death is a giant oven and our heroes are on an American TV dinner tray. This could insinuate that the film will be a straight-to-DVD release and so viewers can watch it at home. Batman uses the hot liquid food to melt the rope tied on his hands to free himself and Robin after using a Batarang. After announcing the new movie, Batman tells Robin to head to the Batmobile and we eagerly await October to hear these classic voices again!


The original series had a multitude of villains including our favourite feline but there was also The Joker, The Penguin and The Riddler. The series ran from 1966-68 with a movie in 1966.

See the exciting trailer below:







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