Pokémon Sun & Moon: Riding Charizards, Alola forms and Exeggutor fandom

Here we are again with another Pokémon Sun & Moon update with some striking additions to the game and the series in general. Sun & Moon are looking to be some of the most diversifying games yet given certain aspects a completely new make over. So what is coming your way in November?

First off Exeggutor, Vulpix, Ninetails, Sandshrew and Sandslash have all been given ‘Alola Forms’. This means that they look different with all except Exeggutor becoming ice types. Exeggutor becomes a striking palm tree which is part dragon and is quite the monstrosity I must say. Ninetails is Ice/Fairy and Sandshrew & Sandslash are Ice/Steel.I can feel a fandom growing for our grass type friend already.




Pokémon types stand out a lot in this game as we have seen so far and aforementioned. They haven’t stopped yet because once again there are some interesting dual-types. This reminds me of the Pokémon cards around gen four and five where a Pokémon like Typhlosion and Ampharos were designed as psychic and steel types.

First off we have Minior which is a rock/flying type and has the special ability ‘shields down’. Once shields down is used, the brown look will break off as you can see with the cracks in the image. This will then reveal one of four sprites who could be relevant to seasons.


Another Pokémon with different looks (which is like what they did with Deerling), Oricorio has four different looks. This time they are based on different types and also have different dances. My personal favourite is the Pom-Pom style which is like a cheerleader. Obviously these Pokémon reflect different dances but adds interesting variety. They will copy other Pokémon’s dance moves as well as their special ability.


Yoongus has an evolution and that is Gumshoos who is a normal type Pokémon. Already the internet are saying this looks like Donald Trump but personally, it looks like an old man who is annoyed at the younger generation. Gumshoos’ special abilities are Stakeout and Strong Jaw.


One of the cutest looking Pokémon this list, Mudbray which looks like a donkey, is the base evolution form of Mudslade. It is a ground-type with the special ability Own Tempo and Stamina.

Finally, we have the grass-type praying mantas Pokémon Fomantis and its evolution form Lurantis. Their special ability is Leaf Guard and have a new move called Solar Blade. This looks like a combination of Leaf Blade and Solarbeam.

New additions to the game include riding on Pokémon. This is like Riding a Gogoat or Rhyhorn in X & Y but, apparently this time is a Pokémon service. The Pokémon you can use include Mudslade on the ground, Sharpedo in the water and Charizard in the air. That’s right, you can ride on a Charizard! Character appear to be wearing unique clothing when riding the Pokémon as well. This references early shots of a Blastoise on a vehicle where Pokémon look to be used as services to help people.


There is a new battle mode as well in the game which is the ‘island challenge’. Here trainers appear to fight off against four different types: grass, water, fire and electric which all have different landscapes and trainers to match. One of those includes the Lush Jungle. After defeating these trainers you will face four ‘totem Pokémon’ which includes Yoongus. These Pokémon will have a high defence and call upon another Pokémon to face you…so it’s two on one. After clearing the trails you are left to face the ‘Kahunas’ which includes Hala who has been seen earlier on in the game.

island challenge

Finally, the new addition to the game is a new way to attack. These are called ‘Z moves’ and a Pokémon reacts to this Z-power which is similar to Mega Evolution in X & Y. Pikachu, Rowlet, Popplio and Litten all have these moves and they appear pretty destructive. This includes: ‘Gigavolt Havoc’, ‘Bloom Doom’ (that one is quite cute), ‘Inferno Override’ and finally ‘Hydro Vortex’. I wonder if this will have anything to do with legendary Pokémon Zygarde.

z movea

Pokémon toy maker Tomy announced they will be making a ‘Z-ring‘ toy in relation to the device in the game and will have little pieces for the different Pokémon move types. Like The Pokémon GO Plus, this may interact with the game.

Stay tuned for any further Sun & Moon updates right here!

One thought on “Pokémon Sun & Moon: Riding Charizards, Alola forms and Exeggutor fandom

  1. Awesome post! I’m so excited for this installment, and I love that they’re trying something out of the box and fun, instead of implementing new mechanics on top of existing formulas. It’s so refreshing.

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