The final Splatfest is upon us with one important question: Callie or Marie?

Splatoon has been one of the most popular and successful titles on the Wii U along with Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Maker. It has been Nintendo’s first real look into online multiplayer shooter and really its first major step online besides Mario Kart. Each month has seen a theme for a special event called ‘Splatfest’ and Nintendo announced the last one will happen at the end of July.

Splatoon has been one of my favourite games in the last year and has been one of the titles that Nintendo has kept plugging and updating since its release. A couple a weeks ago there was a new weapons pack added which presumably will be the last and was launched in the run up to the ‘travel the world or space’ Splatfest. In the upcoming weeks there will be new amiibo being launched of Splatoon mascots Callie and Marie and 2nd generation inklings, but if the game is to be no longer updated, is this just a sweet send off from Nintendo?

It is debatable whether we will see a second instalment of Splatoon as we do not know much about the Nintendo NX. For this reason we do not know if there will be multiplayer or online on the game. With no more Splatfest’s, it will be interesting to see how the game continues with the lack of snail endorsement to players. Snails are prizes that are given to players after participating in a Splatfest – the more you participate, the more you earn. Each item of clothing as a different ability such as speed or defence and snails can enable you to change that on the clothes you want to wear.

leave timehere is one of the abilities which is the ‘last ditch effort’.

Splatfest is a tournament in Splatoon where you choose one side. In the past there has been Spongebob vs Patrick and Pokémon Red vs Blue. You contest to climb up ranks of fiend, defender, champion and king and from then can collect wins for your team. The team with most victories and team votes will be the winner. In the last Splatfest, players are allowed to vote for their favourite map to be featured in the game. Instead of 24 hours hours, the Splatfest will take place over two days.

Director Yusuke Amano has said that if there is a lot of support from fans (which now doubt there will be), he would like to make a sequel. Splatoon is a multiplayer shooter which has a multitude of weapons such as long range shooters, snipers, short range guns, rollers and paintbrushes. Instead of firing bullets, players fire ink with the aim to cover ground. The most covered wins. You can get kills and also player rank battles which include tower control and base capturing.


There is also a single player game that lets players learn the game but also face an interesting array of bosses. The game is very modern with a focus on fashion and music as Callie and Marie are singers who sing throughout the games and will have music videos unlocked from their amiibo. What is missing from the game is private lobbies and voice chat. Games also do not end if players disappear and on top of this players cannot rejoin. Splatoon does become very frustrating and it is probably a good thing there isn’t voice chat.

What I would have liked to have seen would be a better incorporation of amiibo from other series for new skins and more rank battle games. Expansions to sizes of maps and the amount of players would also be a nice addition. It’s sad to see one of my favourite games coming to an end as the Splatfest is one of my favourite game-types. I hope Nintendo carries on with multiplayer titles and carries on with the Splatoon series.

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