Seven new Pokémon revealed in leak for Sun & Moon

A Russian source posted on 4chan images of new Pokémon for the upcoming Sun and Moon titles which were later followed by videos which have come a day before the Pokémon Company was to release new information (July 1).

It has been said that these leaks are legitimate and will feature in the new game. People were unsure at first due to once more not being a fan of designs as they do look a bit goofy.

The information from the Pokémon Company will be coming at 2pm tomorrow (UK). I expect to see these Pokémon and hopefully some information on towns and gyms.

So who has been added to the Pokémon roster?

First up we have Togederamu who is an electric/steel mouse-like Pokémon who appears very similar to Pikachu…again. When performing an electric move in the leak, its spikes appear to stick out from its body. Maybe the grey on its body indicates it has a steel body perhaps?


Next up we have an electric-fairy type who to be fair could easily be a fighting type. It is Tapu Koko and we were told in the Nintendo Treehouse preview of the game at E3 to remember this name. Maybe the Pokémon has something to do with Hawaiian folklore and could be a legendary? Then again it looks like a bird so there’s a bit of everything going on here. Also a Pokémon with two parts to its name is new.

Tapu Koko

Carrying on with electric types, we have Charjabug who quite rankly looks like something that belongs in a sushi dish. Maybe it’s a witchetty grub or a caterpillar or a bus, who knows. You could argue that Pokémon have lost the plot, but then again every generation has interesting designs.


Potentially another bug Pokémon, we have Cutiefly who is believed to be a fairy-type. Maybe not the most creative name or correct but it’s nice to see new fairy-type additions to the series.


Definitely one of the most goofy looking of the bunch, it’s Bruxish. Then again it does have a striking colour design with a larger pallet than most characters. Bruxish has the special ability of dazzling which will be incorporated with the sunny surroundings of Alola and is also a water/psychic type.


One of the best looking of these leaks definitely has to be Vikavolt. Judging from the preview, this Pokémon will be another bug/electric type an looks to have sharp beetle-like pincers. I guess it could be another tough bug-type like Pinser or Heracross.


Finally, we have a new dragon type, Drampa, who looks like Flakor the dragon from The NeverEnding Story. I wonder if this dragon will have a connection to ancient mythology and another point, whether this is Drampa’s final evolution or will be anther dragon type without one. Drampa will also be a steel type.


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