Civilisation VI: An ever-growing world at your fingertips

This years marks the 25th anniversary of Civilisation and Civilisation VI will hit shelves October 21 for PC and is being made by 2K Games. Yesterday we were treated to an insight into what will make this title different from the rest and what has been improved from previous instalments.

For those of you unfamiliar to Civilisation, it is a turn-based strategy title in which you play as a country and create a civilisation and you can claim victory through many different methods including: culture, domination, scientific, diplomatic and time. It is a game full of historic leaders and world wonders. There are threats from all angles and so it is good to have a great army and sometimes plenty of cities. The game starts thousands of years in the past and can finish up in the future. As you progress, your tools, technologies and people will grow and age throw the generations of development and in the end you will have a futuristic city after first starting in a dusty grassland surrounded by barbarians.

The game will begin with a montage of previous games over the series’ lifetime starting with Civilisation to show how far they’ve come. Cities are not going to feel like they did before as everything you build isn’t restricted to one tile. The whole world has blown up to be of an actual map size. Everything you build will be dispersed onto separate tiles, especially wonders and so gameplay becomes more vulnerable. If you are under attack from god knows who and god knows what, you can no longer protect everything comfortably into one spot and so defence and barracks are important. Also, your workers are no longer under that title, they’re builders now.


Instead of mist or fog crowding around the areas your settlers/scouts haven’t visited yet, there is an old timey hand drawn map which features sea creatures and dragons that you would find on those tea stand maps. It’s a nice look and very artistic which demonstrates how far the world has progressed.  After setting up another city, roads have been made much easier and are set up through travellers/caravans. This takes away the strenuous time of using workers to build roads which also straps you of income if done incorrectly. When setting up a religious site, as each place has its own tile, it is always good to find a scenic spot or a great wonder to set up as this will increase happiness greatly.


One of the prettiest parts of this game are the movies of construction and so you can see in real-time how your wonders progress. This can help give you an idea how long it takes for them to be built. Another interesting time feature is the day and night cycle which is an optional add-on where you can have morning, noon, evening and night.


There are 18 civilisations in this game and so far we know that America (Roosevelt), Egypt (Cleopatra), Japan and China are confirmed. There will be some new civilisations coming to the series, hopefully some African or South American countries! Barbarians will also be a lot harder as they now have tactical strategies to attack you. There are new barbarians including a barbarian horse archer. Oh the joys. AI of other civs will have historical agenda personalities that mix in with who they are. Roosevelt is a warmonger and Cleopatra sides with civs who have a big army. There is obviously still multiplayer with the new addition of being able to finish a game in an hour as well as six-eight hours. The game definitely has a lot more strategy and preparation than previous titles.


When characters are defeated such as spearmen, there appears to be a quick flash of blood splatter to confirm this which is new and is nice to see more graphical happenings in the game. The game looks beautiful in general with a very bright and colourful map and cleaner and more styled art. There are new characters as well including spies. Not much is known on this yet however.

The game may start off a bit slow but during the middle and end, there are plenty of surprises to be had that will certainly rock the balance of your gameplay. The first part of the game is really about exploration and getting accustomed to the game anyway. In terms of government policies, one of the new exciting features is that you can reconfigure your government’s aims at certain points. Maybe you’re wanting to concentrate on developing your land at one point, next you’re under attack and we need to turn to increasing production of resources and building up an army. Like many civ games there are endless opportunities and this system sees a nice mix of IV and V.


Overall, this game looks to be the best Civilisation title yet and will probably keep expanding to greater heights as the years come. More news will come as it develops. Get ready to plan, be strategic and of course, be the best.


One more thing, the space race is in the game!

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