EA Play: What to expect & What to know

An interesting breakaway from E3 tradition and perhaps the beginning of the end for E3-type conferences, EA (Electronic Arts) is the first to kick off their conference at their ‘EA Play’ events in London and Los Angeles which will be hosted by CEO Andrew Wilson and Chief Competition Officer, Peter Moore.

The games I am expecting to see include Battlefield 1, Fifa 17, Mass Effect: Andromeda and Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2.

Battlefield 1 is the first World War I title in the Battlefield series and the first in the main series since 2013. This game is said to give players more choice and variety in terms of paths and completing along with more open land. battlefield

What is already known about Battlefield 1 is that it will release on October 21st this year and there will be six different gun classes. These include shotguns, SMG (sub-machine gun), LMG (light machine gun), semi-automatics, sidearms and sniper rifles. Along with frag grenades, there will be incendiary and smoke (mustard) grenades and for melee weapons you can attach a bayonet to a gun. DICE who EA have been working with also introduced shovels, sabres and trench clubs as melee weapons. There are a various amount of vehicles which players can take control of including: armoured vehicles, tanks, biplanes and battleships.

There have been rumours that multi-player will be shown off and will be titled: ‘Battlefield Squads’ which is said to have a 64 man deathmatch… which is unheard of. If shown this will be the first look at gameplay from the game and reveal how the game differs itself from ‘Hardline’ and ‘4‘ and potentially how similar it is.

Aaryn Flynn, General Manager of BioWare said the company were wanting to give players more freedom, an unprecedented level in fact. ‘Andromeda’ is the new galaxy that the game is heading and has left behind the Milky Way. This means the game will have new enemies, new worlds and new allies. I’m expecting to see a great storyline with some great third-person shooter action displaying the motives of the game and the difficulty of the gameplay and enemies.

The Frostbite engine will surely give us striking images.

What I am hoping to see from EA Play is plenty of visuals so we get to see how Andromeda diversifies itself from the original series. The game has been developed through the Frostbite engine and I want to see the breathtaking imagery of space that Frostbite does all so well. What we’ve seen so far includes grasslands, dust worlds and swamps. We’re sure EA will explore these vast worlds come the conference.

For me personally, Titanfall 2 was a very exciting concept when it started. I am a big fan of mecha-type themes and the multi-player gameplay seemed extraordinary where you could player in or out of titans in a traditional online campaign. After a month on the shelves, everything about Titanfall and the hype before its release started to then disappear and lose its popularity like Watchdogs.

The game was very successful nonetheless and incorporated large multiplayer battles and fun space themes. What can be expected is a further influence of these ideas and made for a better competitive aspect. I feel there needs to be more gameplay features and longer gameplay modes. What everyone loves with robots is weapons and that is a definite desire in the follow-up. I guess what I’m trying to say is taking what the first game did but expanding it in every direction should be what is shown at EA Play. This will make Titanfall 2 very favourable in my books.

With two potentially great shooters coming our way, is this the end of Call of Duty?

Stay tuned for my piece on EA Play later on tonight.


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